Robot 13

The base

Motor control board

This board receives general commands from the main control board to control the movement of the robot and runs the motors to make it happen. Commands specify speed, direction and turns

Main control board

Based on an ESP32 pico D4.

The head

The head of the robot detects people by sensing body temperature. It's based on an 8 by 8 grid of infrared sensors as shown on the Heat seeking eyeball page.

Most of the display shows the temperatures using a color code. The green square is where the highest temperature is. That value is shown in the lower left corner. The color of the lower section turns green when a person is detected.

Color code

white over 33
yellow 30
red 26
magenta 22
blue 18
black under 15


The LIDAR module will measure the distance of nearby objects. The LED ring indicates the distance range