Electric bike

last updated: Jan. 2023


24V, 1200 RPM, DC, brushed, 4"D, 6"L, very heavy. I'd like to get a better one.

Motor controller

Comes with a throttle that's mounted on the handlebars


There is a 9 tooth sprocket on the motor and 32 on the wheel.


There are 3 lithium iron phosphate batteries in series. They are about 12.6 Volts when fully charged. They're good for about 24km per charge.


The computer is not needed to run the bike. It's there to provide information to the rider. It measures battery voltage, current and revolutions of the motor shaft. There's also a clock module so that the time of day can be on the display. Calculations are done to provide more information.

The display shows the following information

There are a variety of other values available to be displayed, but they're not that important and there's only so much room on the LCD.

Two methods for determining how much energy is left. Both are shown on the display.

  1. Battery voltage. It can only be used while the battery is not under load. It's not that accurate.
  2. Keeping track of how much energy is being used. This only works if the batteries are fully charged when plugged in. It's quite accurate.




the rest of the parts I had lying around